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Watch the clip embedded above, or on YouTube.

In this Top of Show Guest Star of NCIS episode High Tide, I got to play an arrogant rich man who owns multiple yachts. It was a great chance to be somebody that I am not. (Although I do love me some yacht rock!)

The arrogance of this character Richard Lane in contrast to the humility of the Spencer Publications employee I played on The Bold & the Beautiful is one of the things that tickles me about acting.

Let me add that the cast and crew of NCIS are legendary in this town for being kind and welcoming, and my experience with them was the same. A big thank-you for the many good days on set to series regulars Mark, Sean, Wilmer, Emily and Duane, and director and writers Tony, Stephen and David, and fellow guest stars Marshall and Ramiz, and DP Bill Webb, and everybody else on that set! And thank you especially to casting directors Susan Bluestein and Jason Kennedy, who kept bringing me in. Again and again.

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