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Let's celebrate!

noun_123297_ccAEA Council did not give the gift to membership companies that was proposed, the one that I wrote about below. But gave them another gift, which has many of the same pros and cons. In fact only one of my bullet points needs to be edited, in my opinion.

AEA Council gave us all another gift, as well — a broader palette of codes and agreements to choose from.

So now I'm wondering which theater will be the first to use SPT now that it’s available here in Los Angeles? Which theater will be the first to use the new 99-Seat Agreement? Who will be the first to use the LA Self-Produced Project Code or the new LA 50-Seat Showcase Code? (Hollywood Fringe Festival, perhaps?)

Whoever is the first to use these, I hope they post it far and wide. I want to buy a ticket to the first show produced under each of these 4 codes. I want to inaugurate these new opportunities, and to celebrate them with you!


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