Web Design and Programming Resumé


Seeking opportunities to apply my varied technical, design and artistic background to web projects.

Summary of Qualifications

Passionate about user interfaces. Experienced in many back-end technologies, but strong advocate for designing user experience first and foremost. An engineer who can design, a designer who can build.

Able to take on problems outside direct area of expertise and be successful. Easy-going, skillful communicator, quick learner. Adept at avoiding jargon and acronyms with those just approaching a new topic. Detail-oriented, fanatical about quality.


Cornell University, Master of Engineering, 3.86 GPA

Brigham Young University, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, cum laude, 3.78 GPA


React.js, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS; Jekyll, AWS, git, github, PHP, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, python, C++, C#; grep.

Photoshop, Office, VS Code, Atom; WordPress, Squarespace, Textpattern, Movable Type; LimeSurvey.

Operating Systems
macOS, Windows, Linux.

Freelance Highlights
UnionWorking, Los Angeles CA
WordPress Developer — unionworking.com

Built this grassroots site, based on a client-selected WordPress template.

  • Selected and deployed free plugins as needed.
  • Created additional graphics as needed.
  • Copy-edited as client allowed.
Susannah B, Los Angeles CA
Squarespace Developer — susannahb.squarespace.com

Built this musician site, based on a client-selected Squarespace template.

  • Improved limited Squarespace options with injected jQuery and CSS.
AnalystSolutions, Greenwich CT
LimeSurvey Programmer

Upgraded new-client assessment.

  • Wrote jQuery scripts to work around LimeSurvey limitations.
  • Designed new templates to use in LimeSurvey.
  • Due to high quality of work, client offered 20% bonus.
HotDocs, Lindon UT

Designed UI for new web distribution platform.

  • Expanded sections of HotDocs Server with existing design.
  • Designed new look for administrative section of web site.
Formation Solutions, Los Angeles CA
SiteSpect Programmer

Designed throughput improvements

  • Built A/B tests with SiteSpect to improve monetization of SEO-heavy web site.
Resolve Market Research, Los Angeles CA
LimeSurvey Programmer

Responsible for building survey for Resolve client Wikimedia.

  • Built survey for all Wikipedia editors around the world.
  • Wrote jQuery scripts and rewrote CSS and HTML templates to work around LimeSurvey limitations.
  • Ensured translation was correct in 8 languages.
Full-Time Experience
Ab Initio Software, Lexington MA
User-Interface Designer

Responsible for design of software applications, internal and external web sites, and web applications.

  • Improved awful but effective engineer-designed interface of main web application, resulting in a good-looking UI loved by managers, customers and even engineers.
  • Built and maintained main external site.
  • Built and maintained employees-only intranet. Wtih a high design concept, this Adobe AIR site was finicky, but lovely.
  • Coached new employees in using company’s software.
Circle.com, New York NY
Production Manager

Responsible for workload and personal growth of programmers.

  • Managed group of 5 programmers.
  • Hired 1 full-time and 6 freelance programmers.
  • Worked across disciplines: Coordinated with 6 project managers, 4 design directors, technologists at other offices and many client representatives.

Partial client list: Schlumberger, Newsweek, HBO Screening Room, AOL @ School, Goldman Sachs intranet, NetMarket, IBM intranet, Datek, Univision, Gateway.

Hewlett-Packard, San Diego CA
Electrical Engineer, Design

Responsible for design of power supply for a new color copier product, prototype electronics, design of copy-controlling functionality and mechanical interface for sensors and heater.

  • Created performance and regulatory specification and defined technical criteria to evaluate vendor qualifications, resulting in selection and implementation of a power supply used world-wide.
  • Redesigned analog circuit and edited reference specification for clarity, achieving proper execution of copy-controlling function on a color copier with no field failures and no customer complaints.
  • Redesigned paper sensor circuit, thus ensuring a smooth production ramp with no shutdowns for this sensor.
Electrical Engineer, Manufacturing

Responsible for main electronics boards for three printer and copier products, seeing to design quality, cost and reliability improvements, warranty performance and support issues; also responsible for production-line issues.

  • Improved functional test of electronics board at contract manufacturer through improvements to test software, eliminating 2 failure modes of the board at top-level factory.
  • Reprogrammed DOS end-of-line testing for copier product, which resulted in an assembly-time reduction of 2 minutes per unit.
  • Reduced high servo subsystem failure rate by over 90%.
Additional Skills, Experiences & Interests

Conversational Spanish. Some Italian, German and French.

Other Professional Experiences
Electronics teacher at Middlesex Community College.
Music director for Methodist church, chorus member of Boston Symphony Orchestra and La Jolla Symphony, piano teacher, theater administrator in New York.
Television, theater and commercial actor in Los Angeles.

Last update: July 2, 2018